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AJ has been playing electric guitar for 20 years with specialities in punk, hard rock, rock n' roll and blues playing styles. Preferred guitars are a Fender Jaguar & Gibson Les Paul.

AJ began singing as a backing and secondary vocalist in Can't Understand Never Tried and eventually moved to lead vocals in future projects. Vocal specialities are gravelly hard rock vocals and screaming. AJ's vocal range lies between the Bass & Baritone region.

AJ has been playing bass for 6 years playing in a style akin to Matt Freeman with a heavy use of embellishments. Preferred bass guitar is a Fender Precision Bass and a Fender Bass VI.

Current Projects

State of Decay (2014-) - Bass & Vocals

Previous Projects

Two Lane Blacktop (2015-2016) - Bass & Vocals

Snakebyte (2013-2015) - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Struck Out (2009-2013) - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Hung Out (2009) - Rhythm Guitar

The Filth (2009) - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Can't Understand Never Tried (2006-2009) - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

SSPB (2003-2006) - Rhythm Guitar

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